Information Systems Services

DCU Wireless (Wifi) Networks

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Information Systems Services highly recommend that students and staff configure and connect all digital devices to the Eduroam WiFi Network.
The Guest Wifi offers basic web browsing & SSL-VNP(443) for guests of DCU.



How to connect to Eduroam

Click here to configure your digital device


Eduroam Wireless Network

  • Main secured (AES) DCU wireless network for all staff & students
  • Available to visiting staff & students from other colleges
  • Available to DCU staff & students while visiting other colleges
  • Available to Invent staff and long term contractors after registration with HR
  • Devices must support 802.1x (e.g. not compatible with amazon kindle)

Guest Wifi

How to connect to DCU-Guest-Wifi

To connect to the DCU-Guest-Wifi, please use the following user name and password.
Please note the username and password are case sensitive. Username is  wifi guest. lowercase w, lowercase I, lowercase f, lowercase I, lowercase g, lowercase u, lowercase e, lowercase s, lowercase t.
Password is Upper case N, lower case j, upper case A, uppercase X, number 2, number 4, lower case w, upper case A.



  • Available in DCU, MDI, St Pats, The Innovation Campus and The DCU Ryan Academy.
  • Restricted services: http, https, SSL-VNP(443).
  • Email clients (Thunderbird, Outlook) will not work on this network.
  • Unsecured network - no default data encryption.
  • Access to the DCU Guest WiFi may be restricted.