Eduroam - Wireless (Wifi) Network

Eduroam is the WIFI network at DCU

DCU students and staff must configure and connect all digital devices to the secure encrypted eduroam WiFi Network. Access to the eduroam network is authenticated through your DCU account.

Eduroam provides secure and easy to use WiFi access in thousands of locations in more than a hundred countries. This page provides a step-by-step guide on how to access eduroam. Please follow the specific instructions for your device.

Once you’ve connected for the first time, you'll never need to enter your details again on that device, eduroam will automatically connect you whenever you’re in range of an eduroam hotspot. The hotspot you’re using never sees your credentials.

Please Note: If you change your main password you MUST remove the current eduroam profile and run the tool again to ensure you have a working/secure wireless internet connection on Campus


Please note: You should never configure an eduroam connection manually, only the options below are fully secure.

Connect your Android or IOS device to Eduroam by clicking on the relevant button below.


Android tablet iPad


Connect your Laptop to Eduroam by clicking on the button below.