Information for new staff

Providing all DCU Staff with support, new technologies and guidance is a major role of Information Systems Services. As a staff member, you should be able to find everything you need to know in this section.
Should you require further assistance, you can check out the ISS Knowledge Base or log a support ticket.

Get all DCU's apps here. This includes Mail, Drive, Docs, Sites, Calendar, Google + and more.


You can change your DCU network password. This is your account for logging into the Network, DCU Apps email, Moodle, Portal, Core, Agresso and Drupal.

Change Password

Connect to DCUs Eurodam Wifi service


A - Z of ISS services

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Audio-Visual Services

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Gmail download for mobile

DCU's online learning platform.


Advice on how to stay safe online

Stay Safe Online

FileSender is a secure way to share large files with anyone! Logon to upload your files or invite people to send you a file.

File Sender

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Human Resources

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Software & Applications

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Procurement for Staff