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Students on Pilgrimage to Panama, World Youth Day 2019

"I have been a student in student in St. Patrick's Campus DCU for 4 years now. I began with my undergrad course and then moved on to do my masters here. Starting college can be a very exciting yet daunting experience and sometimes you can feel quite alone. In my first year away from home, I often found myself missing the comfort of home a lot. I picked religious studies as part of my undergrad and that's how I got introduced to the chaplaincy team ... I can't put into words how welcoming and homely the chaplaincy team are and the amount of work they put into making sure everyone is okay can never be repaid to them. I will forever be grateful for what the chaplaincy team has done for me during my time in St. Pats and if you're around the campus and just need a bit of a chat or just a cup of tea they would be more than happy to see a visiting face calling to their door." - Niamh, Masters of Education student

"Chaplaincy helped me often ask spiritual questions, in seeking comfort, meaning and hope. The chaplains in DCU played an important role in my spiritual care and offered important spiritual support too. This helped me become clearer in my faith and understanding...I was questioning my spiritual beliefs or faith you see, but the chaplaincy team helped me explore thoughts and feelings that differed from long-held beliefs." - Elle, BA Graduate 2016