Dr Hossein Javidnia

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What I enjoy the most about lecturing in this field is interacting with interested and intelligent students. As they expand their knowledge, insights and skills, I get to broaden my perspective as I learn from their ideas and experience.

I always seek to cultivate a growth mindset. That means I emphasise and reward the process of learning rather than the results, and create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions. Learning is about embracing opportunities that challenge our thinking and allow for further development. Having a growth mindset helps us overcome doubt and apprehension even when we encounter failure.

Setting students up for success

Our students develop a solid foundation in problem-solving, critical thinking and complex analytical skills. They also get to meet many industry experts and build further useful business, scientific and social contacts during INTRA work placements.

Computer science graduates are in high demand all over the world. Our graduates end up working in academia, research, industry, government and private organisations. Typically, their careers are in software engineering or applications, cyber security, artificial intelligence, or data analysis and processing.

A successful computer science career starts with successful habits during school. Investing in time management skills, finding a balance between school and other interests, and connecting with people in the School of Computing will help students earn their degree. Those skills also serve professionals well in the workforce.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Computing

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