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Perceptions of Accounting and Career Choice - Publications

Referred Articles

  • Byrne, M. and Willis, P. (2005) Irish secondary students’ perceptions of the work of an accountant and the accounting profession, Accounting Education: An International Journal, 14(4), 365-379.

Recent Conference Papers

  • Byrne, M & Willis, P. (2007) ‘Influences on School Students’ Career Decisions: Implications for the Accounting Profession’, 30th Annual European Accounting Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 25 –27 April.
  • Buckley, C and Willis, P. (2006) ‘Occupational reality shock in the accounting profession: is it a reality? Irish Accounting & Finance Association Annual Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin, 11-12 May.
  • Byrne, M. and Willis, P. (2006) ‘What do Accountants do? Perceptions of potential entrants to the profession’, 10th World Congress of Accounting Educators, Istanbul, Turkey, 9-11 November.