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Careers Advisory Session helps E-Commerce Students to Maximise their Career Potential

Careers Advisory Session helps E-Commerce Students to Maximise their Career Potential4th July 2008
Students of DCU Business School’s M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce (Business) programme attended a dedicated careers advisory session on Friday, 4th July 2008. The session was designed to help students of the inter-disciplinary programme to maximise their potential in the graduate employment market place.

Leading Public Affairs Consultant, Peter White, offered valuable advice on how to win at interviews. Sharing the insights he has gained through his work with such clients as ex-Taoiseach Gareth Fitzgerald and multiple corporate clients, Peter spoke to the MECB class about how to communicate and convey themselves to the best of their ability at interview. 

Fionnuala Callaghan from the DCU Careers and Appointments Service shared key tips on CV preparation and contacting prospective employers.

Career prospects for the MECB Class of 2008 are very bright. Their unique mix of technical insights and business acumen are highly sought-after in the knowledge economy.

Recent graduates of the programme have pursued a variety of careers in the information economy as management consultants, business analysts, project managers, e-marketing specialists and e-business technologists. Graduates have found employment in specialist e-commerce organisations and in traditional industry which has begun to innovate its systems and processes to compete in the new economy. Other students have developed their entrepreneurial talents and have won awards for their work.