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Research Interests: Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship


The research of economists focuses on industrial and economic development at a regional, national, and international level particularly with reference to the following:

Innovation and Technology Change, Industrial Policy, Sub-Sectoral Industry Analysis, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), MNEs and European Integration, Economic Geography, and Public Expenditure, Structures and Trends.

Research expertise is also held in the areas of Health Policy, Economics of Occupational Health and Safety, International Political Economy, Economic Methodology, and Philosophy of Science.

Among researchers in Economics who are available to supervise PhD projects are Prof. David Jacobson, Dr. Siobhain McGovern and Dr. Anne Largey.


Researchers focusing on Finance have established an international reputation at the highest level and have created strong links with other international researchers in the following areas:

Portfolio and Fund Management, Asset Pricing, Stock Market Efficiency, Stock Price Behaviour, Equity Investment Strategies, Initial Public Offerings, Corporate Finance, Finance and Capital Markets, Financial Economics, Bond Market Analysis and Strategies, International Finance, Financial Market Microstructure and Behavioural Finance, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Modelling, Nonlinear Modelling, and Computational Statistics. There is a wide range of research interests in Finance.

Among the potential supervisors are Prof. Liam Gallagher, Dr. Valerio Poti, Dr. Ruchira Sharma, Dr. Hiroyuki Kawakatsu and Dr. Michael Dowling.


Enterprise, entrepreneurship, and new venture research focuses in particular on:
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, National Enterprise Policy: High-Tech Entrepreneurship, Finance and Venture Capital, Commercialisation of Academic based Research, Measurement and Management of Business and Bio-Incubation Centres, E-Business and Service Quality, and SME strategy.

The key researchers in this area are Prof. Colm O’Gorman, Dr. Teresa Hogan and Dr. Sarah Ingle.

Sample Projects:

The Evolution and Growth of High-Tech (Software) Firms (pdf -19kb)

Empirical Finance (pdf - 18kb)

The Export Performance of SMEs (pdf - 14kb)

University Research Centres (URCs): The Dynamics of Knowledge Creation and Diffusion (pdf - 72kb)