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Research Interests


The Management group carries out research in three broad areas: strategy and management, operations and processes, and information and knowledge.

We actively research in the following areas:

  • Strategic and institutional leadership, industry evolution, and strategic renewal.
  • Strategic interaction, inter-firm competition and game theory.
  • Business processes and the supply chain.
  • Public procurement and innovation in the procurement process.
  • Crisis and emergency management, and business continuity management.
  • Knowledge management and organisational social capital.
  • Electronic commerce, online service quality, security and risk management.
  • Technology adoption and strategic use of information systems.
  • Procurement, Innovation and SME's
  • Public Procurement
  • Leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - enabled change with the Irish health services.
  • Environmental sustainability and its relationship with modern supply chain operations.
  • Trust and privacy management in a digital environment.
  • Governance of boards of trustees.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Strategy for the semantic web.
  • Ethics and IT.

We use a variety of research approaches including case studies, survey methods, mathematical modeling and simulation. We have a particular interest in the service, health and aviation sectors.

Management researchers who have supervised, or are currently available to supervise, postgraduate research projects include: Prof. Brian Leavy, Dr. Paul Davis, Dr. Malcolm Brady, Dr. Regina Connolly, Dr. John Loonam, Dr. Theo Lynn, Dr. Caroline McMullan, and Dr. PJ Byrne.