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Research Interests: Marketing

Marketing areas in which research, including supervision of postgraduate research, is undertaken include:

• Brand Management and Brand Culture, Corporate Branding and Reputation, Business to Business Branding, Agribusiness and Organic Food Brand Consumption, and Food Health Issues.

• Discourses of Customer Service and Service Quality.

• Marketing Metrics, Key Role of Manager’s Personal Values and their Impact on Market Orientation, and Organisational Culture and Marketing Strategy.

• Eliasian Perspectives on Sport, Bohemia, Business and Innovation and Professional Musicianship, Strategic Marketing Communications, and Consumption Patterns
of Digital Content by Education Stakeholders as part of the Global Grid for Learning project.

• Ethics and Marketing, Consumption Studies, Qualitative Methods in Consumer Research, Green Consumption, Theorising Ecological Sustainable Communication and
Risk Society, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship.

• Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Research considering the Impact of Bereavement on consumption and the Consumer Behaviour of Older Consumers.

• Foreign Market Entry Strategies and Export Behaviour, Strategic Alliances and Internationalisation of SMEs, Marketing, Innovation and Technology, and new product development.

Among the main researchers in Marketing are Prof. Darach Turley, Dr. Pierre McDonagh, Dr. John Connolly, Dr. Michael Gannon, Dr. Yuhui Gao, Dr. Laurent Muzellec, and Dr. Anne Sinnott.