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The Education Partner-of-Choice for Ambitious Executives and their Organisations

Whether companies will emerge re-invigorated from the turbulent times in which we all find ourselves will depend, more than ever, on the resilience, adaptability and creativity of their key executives. So the choice of education partner has never been more important, nor enlightened approaches to ‘talent management’ more crucial.

At DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes (CEP), we work in partnership with our clients, both individuals and organisations, to supply management development and professional programmes that will make a significant contribution to the achievement of their strategic and operational goals.

We offer a suite of open enrolment programmes for the experienced professional in the areas of Management, Strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Organisational Psychology. We also deliver fully customised programmes that can address the specific requirements of your organisation.

Whichever programme you choose, you can be confi  dent that our experienced faculty and action-based learning approach to executive education and leadership development, with its particular emphasis on work-related projects and the integration of experiential and classroom knowledge as you go, will equip you with the insight and skills required to meet your current and future business challenges.

Thank you for your interest in DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes and we look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your own particular needs and priorities. 

brian leavy

Professor Brian Leavy

Academic Director, Centre for Executive Programmes


brian leavy