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Research Interests: Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour

Research interests in this area extend to both HRM and Organisational Behaviour/Psychology fields including:

• High Performance Work Systems, Leadership and Top Management Teams, Leadership and Gender, Management Development and Education, Human Resource Development, Career Management and Development, Performance Pay and Non-Pay Reward, Diversity Management, Critical HRM, HRM in Smaller Firms, Health Service Organisation and Delivery, Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing, Communities of Practice, Service Improvement and Change, and Change Agency and Roles.

• Organisational Trust, Commitment, Organisational Socialisation and Identity, Organisational Climate, Relational Networks in the Workplace, Psychological Contract, Work-Family Balance, Women in Leadership, Women and Science, Organisational Stress and Well-Being, Perceptions of Time, Stereotypes and Prejudice in the Workplace, Motivation Indices, Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving, Organisational Silence, Individual Characteristics and Organisational Performance, Organisational Change, Leadership and Organisational Culture and Change.

Among the researchers in this group whose work may be of interest to students considering undertaking postgraduate research are: Prof. Patrick Flood, Dr. Finian Buckley, Dr. Edel Conway, Dr. John Barrett, Dr. Janine Bosak, Dr. Pauline Grace, Dr. Brian Harney and Dr. Melrona Kirrane.