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Further Development of Chinese Relations at DCUBS

25th November 2009

Prof David Jacobson of DCU Business School travelled to China recently, in a visit that further enhanced DCU's important links with that country.

Prof Jacobson attended a reception at the Irish Ambassador's residence in Beijing on Thursday, 29th October, where the Beijing chapter of the DCU Alumni Association was inaugurated.

Among the well-known alumni there were Margaret Ward of RTE, Clifford Coonan of the Irish Times and Liam Condon of Bayer Healthcare.

Prof Jacobson was also invited to Northeastern Unviersity (NEU), Shenyang, China for the week 31st October to 7th November.

Prof Jacobson gave a number of presentations to NEU members of faculty and students including "Publishing in Top Journals", "Research on Low-Tech Innovation", and "DCU and DCUBS Masters Programmes".

The presentations were all very well received. Prof Jacobson further discussed implementation of initiatives with NEU including joint research, faculty exchange, and possible 3+1+1 programmes.

Northeastern University (NEU) is a prestigious highly ranked university in China with over 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty.


Prof David Jacobson (pictured centre, with tie) with staff and students of NEU, Shenyang, China

Prof David Jacobson (left) with

Prof David Jacobson (left) practises tai chi with XXX during a break from meetings at NEU