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DCUBS Students Display Entrepreneurial Flair

27th February 2009

Ingenuity, business acumen and a large dose of creative flair were in evidence as the final year students of DCU’s Bachelor of Business Studies and BA in European Business degrees showcased their exciting new business plans on 26th February at the University’s Helix Arts centre.  

The business proposals were presented by students as an assignment for their New Enterprise Development Module. The teams, which each comprised 3-4 students, developed their ideas from concept and market research stages, through to production of a business plan and funding proposal.

Students exhibited a wide range of business ideas at the colourful and stimulating event. Proposals ranged from bathroom sanitizers and new concepts in lingerie
and footwear retailing, to storm-proof umbrellas and novel mobile text services.  

The brief for the poster presentation was to attract a potential investor or mentor to a business conceived and developed by each team. There were 58 posters on display, which were reviewed by the students themselves as well as by DCUBS academics.

Deborah O'Neill of Team Euro-Vend enjoyed the hands-on nature of the module. O'Neill explains, "Our business ideas is completely unique in Ireland. Picture this: located in Connolly Station, Dublin: a colossal, high-tech vending machine measuring 360 square feet and containing over 200 items, essential to your shopping basket. The three words to describe this project are 'FUN, FUN, FUN!' It was refreshing to break away from the stresses of academia and showcase something that has become so close to our hearts."

The enterprise planning of the Absolute Fun team centred on provision of party entertainment for children. Team member Aine Roche found the poster presentation a very enjoyable experience: "It brought what we had learnt during our college life into practice. It allowed us to be innovative and discover how creative group work can be."

Team Fresh focused their attention on sustainable living. Paul O'Brien explains, "Essentially our business idea is empowering homes to provide their own energy needs through the utilisation of their household waste. Naturally occurring methane gases can be captured and used for heating and electricity. It is a low cost solution to a pertinent problem. Landfill volumes, carbon emissions and household bills will all be reduced because of this. It will change the way people live."

When asked how the New Enterprise Development module has assisted the team, O'Brien continues, "The poster presentation was a fantastic vehicle for selling our idea. It is hard to describe the way we operate our business through words alone. Illustrations and diagrams make a scientific process easily understandable. Also as we are operating as a business, we have to sell our idea. Our first advertisement is this presentation and it is important we used this for maximum effectiveness. DCUBS may be our first advertising medium!"

The high quality of work and the enthusiasm with which all students presented their ideas emphasise that our focus on creative thinking and new enterprise development make DCUBS a great choice for the budding entrepreneur.

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