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Graduation for First Marketing, Innovation and Technology Class

11 November 2010


The first students of the BSc in Marketing, Innovation and Technology graduated on 11 November 2010.

This is very much a unique programme that prepares graduates for careers in the marketing of high tech products and services, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, telecoms and software - all of which are among the world's fastest growing sectors.

Students learn to anticipate and respond to consumer needs, and their cross-disciplinary skills set will enable them to work on cross-functional teams that research, design and market new products and services. These are exactly the kind of graduates that will help drive Ireland's knowledge economy and contribute to its emergence from recession.

The programme is run by DCU Business School, together with the Faculties of Engineering & Computing, Science & Health, and Humanities & Social Sciences. It is the only course of its kind in Ireland, offering a solid foundation in marketing while incorporating cutting edge technology and design in answer to the growing demand for expertise in all these areas.

There are 17 students in the first cohort, all of them have achieved honours degree with four of them achieving first class honours. Megan O’Riordan is now serving as the President of the DCU Student Union after a successful election. Six of them are now doing the MSc in Electronic Commerce at DCU Business School. Five of the students went to Sutton Park School together.