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The Enterprise Process Research Centre (EPRC)


The transformation towards a knowledge based economy requires an interdisciplinary view, which considers both technical and business aspects of organisations and society.  The EPRC aims to bring together technical and managerial competences to envision, design, communicate, lead and implement research projects in the evolving research field of enterprise engineering and management. This is a cross-disciplinary research field that encompasses topics from the established research fields of Industrial/Systems Engineering (including Operations Research), Supply-Chain Management, Business Modelling, and Business Informatics. From these topics strategic approaches to the management and operation of modern, advanced and complex enterprises are developed.

The Enterprise Process Research Centre (EPRC) comprises academics from DCU Business School, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, School of Computing and School of Nursing. Members of EPRC have been working in the area of enterprise processes on an individual basis for many years but have recently realised that, although coming from different backgrounds, there exists significant common interest to warrant banding together and working collectively.