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Current Professional Doctoral Programme Scholars

  • Terence Ahern (Supervisors: Dr. PJ Byrne, Prof. Brian Leavy)
    Strategic supply chain practices in the delivery of public transport infrastructure projects in the Irish public sector
  • Eric Brady (Supervisor: Dr. Edel Conway)
    An examination of the extent, depth and usefulness of social networks (internal and external) within the leadership cadre of both public and private sector organisations
  • Sinead Brennan (Supervisor: Dr. Edel Conway)
    Identifying and Deploying High Potential Talent for Succession Planning
  • Anthony Briody (Supervisor: Dr. Malcolm Brady)
    Managing Services Outsourcing in the Telecommunications Sector – A Case Study
  • Maria Cahill (Supervisor: Dr. Finian Buckley)
    Developing Entrepreneurship among Second Level Students
  • Christopher Cullen (Supervisor: Prof. Brian Leavy)
    Participative or Collaborative Management within Project Structures
  • Tom Doyle (Supervisor: Dr. Anne Sinnott, Dr. John Connolly)
    Potential application of service business management practice to higher education
  • Diane Dignam (Supervisor: Dr. Finian Buckley)
    Long-term training needs analysis in an Irish Context
  • Lucy Fallon Byrne (Supervisor: Prof. David Jacobson, Dr. Brian Harney)
    Workplace Innovation in an Organisational Capabilities Framework
  • Brian Forbes (Supervisor: Dr. Malcolm Brady)
    Outsourcing in University Physical Resources Management
  • Patrick Ivory (Supervisor: Dr. Theo Lynn)
    How can Business Collaboration and Cooperation Contribute to the Development of Industry Clusters to Enhance Innovation and Improve Competitiveness
  • James Kavanagh (Supervisor: Dr. Theo Lynn)
    Investment Decision Making by Trustees of Occupational Pension Schemes
  • David Kenefick (Supervisor: Dr. Melrona Kirrane)
    A Study of how Senior Management Develop Services and Support Strategy in a Non-profit Organisation
  • Patrick Leahy (Supervisor: Dr. Anne Sinnott)
    The Concept of the Customer in the Modern Policing Function
  • Karen Lodge (Supervisor: Dr. John Barrett)
    Exploring the Effectiveness of Workplace Partnership in Change Management and Conflict Resolution in the Health Services
  • Carol Lynch (Supervisor: Dr. Siobhain McGovern)
    Basel II and Capital Requirements Directive - An Organisational Perspective
  • Paul McBride (Supervisor: Dr. Colm O’Gorman)
    The Corporation and the co-operative: using the co-operative as the foundation for a responsible, sustainable, global services business
  • Jane McEvoy (Supervisor: Dr. Siobhain McGovern)
    Changing Governance and the Effect on Strategic Planning and Organisational Effectiveness
  • Peter Miller (Supervisor: Dr. Edel Conway)
    The Discourse of Performance and the Performance of Discourse – A Discursive Study of Performance Management in Iarnrod Eireann
  • Lorcán Ó hÓbáin (Supervisor: Prof. Colm O’Gorman)
    Increasing the level of investment in planned training by Irish SME’s – a CEO centred issue?
  • Georgina Roberts (Supervisor: Dr. Anne Sinnott)
    Internationalisation Strategy in Education: Self-Interest Versus International Solidarity
  • Peter Robbins (Supervisor: Dr. Siobhain McGovern)
    The Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Coalitions of Practice in Accelerating Innovation in Large, Established MNCs
  • Anna Shakespeare (Supervisor: Dr. Melrona Kirrane)
    Programme Theory Evaluation of Personal Outcome Measures in the Voluntary Intellectual Disability Sector in Ireland
  • Adele Grazi (Supervisor: Dr. Finian Buckley, Dr. Melrona Kirrane)
    Understanding the relation between empathy and silence in the social care practice - a cross-cultural study