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Preparing you for Future Challenges and Opportunities

To facilitate organisations in meeting the management development needs posed by the current complex and challenging business environment, DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes has carefully designed and developed a number of specialised management development programmes.

Some of these programmes involve a number of interlinked and integrated modules of a specific time span; however, most modules can be delivered as stand alone units that are customised and contextualised to meet the needs of each organisation.

Each module or learning set can be accredited to fit the National Framework for Qualifications thus becoming a building block toward a higher qualification.

Small Class Size for Optimum Learning

Experience and research suggest that optimal learning can be achieved in programmes with between 15 and 25 participants. It is our experience that classes of this size are ideal for the participation and interaction that we encourage on our programmes, thereby enhancing the learning experience and adding value to the organisation.

Internationally Recognised Teaching Expertise

The Centre for Executive Programmes draws on the teaching expertise of faculty who are recognised internationally. Module leaders include academics, researchers and practitioners with a wealth of experience, both in an Irish and an international context.

Backed by Dedicated Support Service

All management development CEP programmes are delivered in our specially designed facility at DCU Business School. In addition to an academically robust programme, we provide a dedicated support service for organisations and their participants. All programme materials, catering and car parking are provided as part of our service.

Tailored to suit your Business Needs

The distinguishing feature of our programmes is the tailoring of content to match the development needs of the client organisation and their nominees on the programme. We view executive education initiatives as a learning and development partnership between the Centre for Executive Programmes and the client organisation. This is achieved as follows:

  • Each module will be founded on rigorous theoretical and evidence based knowledge
  • New concepts, models, up-to-date research and transferrable tools and insights are delivered
  • The focus of assignments and assessment outputs are chosen in partnership by the programme participants/their organisation, in discussion with the academic staff. The objective is to contribute to organisational development as well as participant learning
  • Sector specific specialists are introduced as appropriate, but we ensure that participants obtain an understanding of a wide range of other sectors and practices, which they may be able to apply to their own areas of activity
  • We encourage participants to focus on their own individual development, within the context of their existing and desired future responsibilities and progression
  • We encourage the operation of a mentoring system between the participants and senior personnel within the sponsoring organisation

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