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DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes

Corporate Programmes

DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes is a specialist unit which is commissioned by individual companies and sectors to design and deliver both academic programmes (e.g. certificates, diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees) and short courses. These programmes and courses are tailored to meet the specific educational needs of our client organisations and programme participants.

These programmes and courses are rigorous programmes of the highest academic standard and are designed to build effective and productive bridges between theory and practice. In excess of 90% of the assignments to be undertaken by participants are focussed on researching and finding solutions to real life business and organisational issues.

These programmes aim to deliver both organisational and individual development/learning, the twin factors which we believe are at the heart of effective change management.

One of the distinguishing features of our programmes is the tailoring of the content to suit the needs of the client organisation and their nominees on the programme. This is achieved as follows:-

  • each module contains a solid foundation of proven theoretical content
  • new concepts, models and up-to-date research are introduced
  • subjects for assignments are chosen by the programme participants/their organisation, in discussion with the academic staff and are thus focussed on their particular sector
  • sector specific specialists are introduced as appropriate, but we ensure that participants obtain an understanding of a wide range of other sectors and practices, which they may be able to apply to their own areas of activity we encourage participants to focus on their own individual development, within the context of their existing and desired future responsibilities and progression
  • we encourage the operation of a mentoring system between the participants and senior personnel within the sponsoring organisation

The process used on these programmes is highly interactive. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork to accelerate learning and to develop the team based and personal skills of the participants.

If your organisation or sector is interested in further information please feel free to contact us.