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DCUBS Centre for Executive Programmes

Management Development Programmes

Master Classes for Masters Graduates

This programme has been developed for Senior and Middle Managers who have attained a Masters-level qualification in business and who wish to update their
skills, be introduced to new management theories, and learn of the best practices to meet the challenges of the global economy.

To survive in an increasingly demanding marketplace, managers must be equipped with the skills required to address new challenges and to ultimately ensure
that their organisation realises its strategic vision and succeeds in its objectives. This programme provides opportunities to review new case study material
and for participants to evaluate current strategic, organisational and personal goals.

A highly interactive learning environment will facilitate participants in sharing their experiences with like-minded people.

The programme is delivered over a two-day period and covers topics such as:
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Transformation and Renewal
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Change Management
  • Marketing
  • Self Development
  • Pertinent Economic Factors