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Contingency Management

The dynamic nature of business makes it difficult for organisations to predict what the next challenge will be. Given this inherent uncertainty, this programme
aims to help managers to prepare their organisations for any crises that might arise. While crises, by their very nature, are unexpected and unique, it is vital that
organisations make every effort to prepare a crisis management strategy and business continuity plans.

This programme is delivered typically in two one-day units, as follows:

Organisational Crisis Management
This unit provides an overview of major incident/crisis management, exploring the key elements of risk management, mitigation, planning and
preparedness, and response and recovery.

Business Continuity Management
This unit focuses on implementing effective Business Continuity Management. Particular emphasis is placed on the British Standard Business Continuity Management (BS25999) and the BCM Lifecycle including:

  • BCM programme management
  • Understanding the organisation
  • Determining BC strategy
  • Developing and implementing a BCM response
  • Exercising, mantaining and reviewing BCM arrangements
  • Embedding BCM in the organisation's culture
Courses can be tailored for organisations in both the public and private sector. Alternatively, clients may elect to undertake just one of the units outlined above.