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Chairpersons of Programme Boards 2023-2024

Chairpersons of Programme Boards 2023 - 2024


Code Faculty of Science and Health  
  School of Biotechnology  
  School Convenor Dr Denise Harold
BGE Biological Sciences General Entry Dr Phil Cummins
BT BSc in Biotechnology Dr Paula Meleady
BP BSc in Bioprocessing Dr Brian Freeland
GCB BSc in Genetics & Cell Biology Dr Linda Holland
MSBE MSc in Bioprocess Engineering Dr David Collins
MDPM MSc in Diagnostics and Precision Medicine Dr Michael Freeley
  MSc in Biotherapeutics Dr Janosch Heller
  School of Chemical Sciences  
  School Convenor Dr Kieran Nolan
CGE Chemical Sciences General Entry Dr Pat O'Malley
AS BSc in Analytical Science Dr Mercedes Vasquez
AC  BSc in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Nessa Kerrigan
AI BSc in Chemical Sciences with Artificial Intelligence Dr Emma Coyle
EST BSc in Environmental Science and Technology Dr Brian Kelleher
  School of Mathematical Sciences  
  School Convenor Dr Tom Brady
ACM BSc in Actuarial Mathematics Dr Kwok Chuen Wong (Ryan)
FIM BSc in Financial Mathematics Prof John Appleby
CAFM Common Entry into Actuarial, Financial & Mathematical Sciences Dr Martin Venker
MFM MSc in Financial Mathematics Prof Paolo Guasoni
MSAR MSc in Astrophysics and Relativity Dr Brien Nolan
  School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health  
  School Undergraduate Teaching Convenor Ms Anne Kirwan
  School Postgraduate Teaching Convenor Dr Amanda Drury
SMPN Professional Development Modules - Convenor Ms Ciara White
BNCG BSc in Nursing (Children's) Dr Siobhan MacDermott
BNGN BSc in Nursing (General) Dr Eileen Courtney
BNPY BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) Ms Selina Coghlan
BNID BSc in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) Dr Kumar Cithambaram
CHPI Cert in Homeless Prevention & Intervention Dr Anne Matthews
BHS BSc in Health and Society Dr Keith Rochfort
MSHI MSc in Health and Social Inclusion Dr Catriona Murphy
MCHW MSc in Child and Family Health and Wellbeing Dr Carol Barron
PRCN Higher Diploma in Children's and General Nursing Ms Sara Raftery
DPSY Doctorate in Psychotherapy  Dr Alice McEleney
MCOU MSc in Psychotherapy Dr Gemma Kiernan
CPSMH Certificate, Peer Support Working in Mental Health Ms Martha Griffin
GCSSHE Grad Cert in Sexuality & Sexual Health Dr Deirdre Corby
MNAP Masters of Science in Nursing: Advanced Practice Dr Siobhan Rothwell
PDCS Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision Dr Aisling McMahon
Code School of Psychology  
  School Convenor Dr Lorraine Boran
MPW MSc in Psychology and Wellbeing Dr Sinead Smyth
MPC MSc in Psychology (conversion) Dr Simon Dunne
BAPY BA in Humanities (Psychology Major) Dr James Brunton
SMPPY Stand Alone Psychology Modules Dr James Brunton
BPY BSc in Psychology Dr Catherine Fassbender
BPM BSc in Psychology & Maths  Dr Louise Hopper
BPDT BSc in Psychology & Disruptive Technologies  Dr Lorraine Boran
Code School of Physical Sciences  
  School Convenor Prof Jean-Paul Mosnier
AP BSc in Applied Physics Dr Robert O'Connor
PHA BSc in Physics with Astronomy Dr Masha Chernyakova
PAN BSc in Physics with Data Analytics Dr Karsten Fleischer
PBM BSc in Physics with Biomedical Sciences Dr Jennifer Gaughran
PGE BSc Physics General Entry  Dr Paul van Kampen
PDITP Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics Dr Eilish McLoughlin
  School of Health and Human Performance  
  School Convenor Dr Enda Whyte
SSH BSc in Sport Science and Health  Dr Anna Donnla O'Hagan
ATT BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training  Dr Aoife Burke
PEB BSc in Physical Education with Biology Dr Mika Manninen
PEM BSc in Physical Education with Mathematics Dr Mike Manninen
MESP MSc in Elite Performance (Sport) Dr Robin Taylor
DELITE Doctorate of Elite Performance (Sport) Dr Áine MacNamara



Code Dublin City University Business School  



Study Abroad Dr Kate Hynes
BS Bachelor of Business Studies Dr Joanne Lynch
INTB Business Studies International Dr Marta Rocchi
EB BA in Global Business (France, Germany, Spain, USA and Canada) Dr Damien Dupre
AF BA in Accounting and Finance Dr Orla Feeney
MINT BSc in Marketing, Innovation & Technology Dr Jamid Ul Islam
AMPS BSc in Aviation Management / BSc in Aviation Management with Pilot Studies Dr Cathal Guiomard
DBI BSc in Digital Business & Innovation Dr Cliona McParland
MBS MSc in Accounting Dr Vincent Tawiah
MIAB MSc in International Accounting and Finance Dr Aideen O'Dochertaigh
MFCM MSc in Finance Dr Sandeep Rao
MSGM MSc in Global Management (Digital Disruption)  Dr Marty Reilly
MSBM MSc in Management (Business) Dr Paul Davis
MSSM MSc in Management (Strategy) Dr Paul Davis
MSDM MSc in Management (Digital Marketing) Dr John Connolly
MSAL MSc in Management (Aviation Leadership)  Dr Marina Efthymiou
MHRM MSc in Human Resource Management Dr Xuchang Zheng 



MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology / Behaviour Dr Yseult Freeney
MBA Master of Business Administration Dr John McMackin
MSCBA MSc in Business Administration

Prof Caroline McMullan


Dr Raja Clouse 

MSEM MSc in Emergency Management Prof Caroline McMullan
MITB MSc in Investment Treasury & Banking Dr Sandeep Keshavaro 
MOPSAC MSc in Management of Operations (moving from Open Education) Dr James Byrne
  Professional Doctoral Studies Dr Lisa Van der Werff
MSLD Strategic Learning & Development Dr Margaret Heffernan
MSD/MCTFC Graduate Certificate / MSc in the Management of Sustainable Development Dr Aideen O'Dochartaigh
MCT/MCTFC Graduate Certificate / MSc in the Management of Clean Technologies Mr Gavin Brown



Code Faculty of Engineering and Computing  
  School of Computing  



BSc in Computer Applications

BSc in Computer Science

Dr Graham Healy
EC BSc in Enterprise Computing Dr Jennifer Foster
COMBUS BSc in Computing for Business Dr Jennifer Foster
DS BSc in Data Science Dr Allesandra Mileo
MCM MSc in Computing Mr Renaat Verbruggen
  MSc in Computing (Skillnet AI) Dr Hossein Javidnia
  MSc in Computing (Skillnet Blockchain) Dr Irina Tal
GCDP Graduate Diploma in Data Protection (Law & Computing) Dr Irina Tal
  School of Electronic Engineering  
ECE BEng in Electronic & Computer Engineering Dr Ali Intizar
ECEI Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering (this is a 5-year pathway, Year 5 being an MEng year) Dr Ali Intizar
ECT BSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (this is an early exit award for ECE) Dr Ali Intizar
ECEIM5 (New in 2024) MEng in Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering Dr Ali Intizar
MEQ Qualifier Programme for MENG Electronic and Computer Engineering  Dr Conor McArdle
MECE MEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering Dr Conor McArdle
MQTY Qualifier Programme for MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology Dr Derek Molloy
MCTY MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology Dr Derek Molloy
GCECE Graduate Certificate in Electronic and Computer Engineering (This is a Stimulus funded and early exit in MECE) Early Exit for MECEc ONLY Dr Conor McArdle
CE1 Common Entry into Engineering (Joint Electronic Engineering and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering offering)

Year 1 Coordinators:

Dr Eadaoin Carthy

Dr Nigel Kent (MME)

Dr Leah Ridgway (EE) 

GC1  BSc Global Challenges

Dr Shirley Coyle (EE) 

Prof. Iain McMenamin (FHS)

GCIMv Graduate Certificate in Innovative Materials for Industry (Collaboration between DCU and IForm and IT Carlow)

Dr Dermot Brabazon

Dr David Culliton

Dr Muhannad Obeidi

IT/TDIP BSc in Information Technology Diploma in Information Technology  Dr Richard Bolger

BSc in Management of Information Technology and

Information Systems Diploma in Management of Information Technology and Information Systems

Dr Richard Bolger
HDSD Higher Diploma in Software Development Dr Richard Bolger
HDID Higher Diploma in Interaction Design Dr Richard Bolger
CUX Certificate in User Experience Dr Richard Bolger
CCP Certificate in Computer Programming Dr Richard Bolger
  School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering   
CAM BEng in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Dr Alan Kennedy
CAMI3 BEng in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (this is a 5-year pathway, Year 5 being an MEng year) Dr Alan Kennedy
CAMIM5 MEng in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Dr Alan Kennedy
MMT BSc in Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology (this is an early exit award for CAM) Dr Alan Kennedy
ME BEng in Mechatronic Engineering Dr Brendan Hayes
MEI Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering (this is a 5-year pathway, Year 5 being a MEng year) Dr Brendan Hayes
MEIM5 MEIM5 (New in 2024) MEng in Mechatronic Engineering Dr Brendan Hayes
MT4 BSc in Mechatronic Technology (This is an early exit award for ME) Dr Brendan Hayes
BMED BEng in Biomedical Engineering Dr Tanya Levingstone
BMEDI BEng in Biomedical Engineering (this is a 5-year pathway, Year 5 being a MEng year) Dr Tanya Levingstone
BMEDIM5 BEng/MEng in Biomedical Engineering Dr Tanya Levingstone
BMEDT BSc in Biomedical Technology (this is an early exit award for BMED) Dr Tanya Levingstone
SSE BEng in Sustainable Systems and Energy Dr Greg McNamara
SSEi BEng in Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering (this is a 5-year pathway, Year 5 being an MEng year) Dr Greg McNamara
MMAC Access / Qualifier / MEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Dr Tamas Szecsi
MMQB Qualifier (B) Programme for MEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dr Tamas Szecsi
MMME  MEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dr Tamas Szecsi
MCMEC Micro-credential Modules Engineering & Computing Dr Richard Bolger
ECSAx / ECSAO FEC Exchange and Occasional  4 x School Exchange Coordinators (rotate to Chair exam boards) Dr Yan Delauré, Dr Pascal Landais, Dr Liting Zhou
SMPEC SMPECc (now includes STIMULUS modules) Dr Conor McArdle
  Faculty of Engineering and Computing - NEW HCI Pillar  
GDSES1 (Level 9) Graduate Diploma Sustainable Energy Systems James Carton (MME)
GCESD1 Graduate Certificate in Energy Systems and Decarbonisation  James Carton (MME)
HDEAT1 (Level 8) Higher Diploma in Engineering Analysis and Technology  David Kinahan (Joint EE Programme, EE/MME)


Code Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences  
  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  





Humanities & Social Sciences Exchange,


Single Module Programme (HSS)

Age Friendly University (HSS modules only)

Dr Angela Leahy






Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (Humanities)

Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (Intl. Languages)

Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (Law)

Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (Media Studies)

Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (Politics)

Dr Gearóidín Uí Laighléis

Deputy Chair: Dr Jonathan Cherry, Dr Janine Silga




BA in Humanities

BA Single Modules

BA in English and History

Dr Leeann Lane
GTEHSS HSS Graduate Training Elements Dr Gëzim Visoka
  School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies  
ALTS BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies Dr Ryoko Sasamoto
BSSCI BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation Dr Martin Toal
MTS MA in Translation Studies Dr Sheila Castilho
MTT MSc in Translation Technology Dr Sheila Castilho
MARI MA in Refugee Integration Dr Fiona Murphy
n/a Multilingualism (DCU Futures, Transversal Skills)  Dr Elena Lopez
  School of Communications  
CS BA in Communication Studies Dr Roderick Flynn
JR BA in Journalism Dr Dawn Wheatley
MMA BSc in Multimedia Dr Marcos Dias
MADP MA in Documentary Practice Mr Tom Burke
MAJ MA in Journalism Dr David Robbins
MAP MA in Political Communications

Prof Kevin Rafter (Sem 1)

Prof Mark O'Brien (Sem 2)

MSCEM MSc in Emerging Media Dr Andreas Rauh
MSHC MSc in Science & Health Communication Dr Declan Fahy
MSMC MA in Social Media Communications Dr Tanya Lokot
MSCPR MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communications Mr Martin Molony
  School of English  
MAHCL MA in Children's and Young Adult Literature

Dr Jennifer Mooney

Dr Keith O'Sullivan (Deputy Chair)

MACW MA in Creative Writing

Kit Fryatt (Semester 1)

Dr Darran McCann (Semester 2)

  School of History & Geography  
BCES BA in Climate and Environmental Sustainability Dr Darren Clarke
MAHH MA in History Dr Marnie Hay
  School of Theology, Philosophy, & Music  
BATRS BA in Theology & Religious Studies Dr John Murray
JZCM BA in Jazz & Contemporary Music Performance Cormac O'Brien
MAETH MA in Ethics Dr Alan Kearns
MAETCR MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility)  Dr Alan Kearns
MATHWR MA in Theology & World Religions Dr Joseph Rivera
MACS MA in Choral Studies Dr Róisín Blunnie
  Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge  
GG BA Gnó agus Gaeilge Dr Padraig Ó Catháin
GIMD BA Gaeilge, Iriseoireacht agus na Meáin Dhigiteacha Dr Padraig Ó Catháin
MAHG MA i Léann na Gaeilge Dr Pádraig Ó Liatháin
MBGD MSc sa Bhainistíocht agus Gnó Digiteach Dr Eoghan McConalogue 
  School of Law & Government  
EPL BA in Economics, Politics and Law Dr Adam McAuley
IR BA in International Relations  Dr Paola Rivetti
BCL BCL (Law & Society) Dr Aisling de Paor
EMLDAI EM in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence  Dr Edoardo Celeste 
IMSISS International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies Prof Christian Kaunert
MCC MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media & Society Dr Diarmuid Torney
GCCD Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Dr Diarmuid Torney
MIR MA in International Relations Dr Danny Marks
MISC MA in International Security and Conflict Studies Dr Danny Marks
MPP MSc in Public Policy Dr Deiric Ó Broin 
LLM LLM Dr John Quinn
MELP MA in European Law and Policy Dr Deiric Ó Broin
MDPPLC MA in Data Protection & Privacy: Law & Computing (Jointly with School of Computing) Dr John Quinn



Code DCU Institute of Education  
  Institute of Education  
SMPE IOE Single Module Offerings Dr Seline Keating
  School of STEM, Education, Innovation & Global Studies  
ETF/ET BSc in Education and Training / BSc in Education and Training (Further, Adult and Continuing Education Dr Peter Tieranan
BEDTEG Bachelor of Education in Technology, Engineering &  Dr Paul Grimes
MEME/GEME MSc in Education and Training Management (eLearning) Dr Yvonne Crotty
MEML/GEML MSc in Education and Training Management (Leadership) Dr Margaret Farren
PMEP Professional Master of Education (Primary Teaching) Dr Marie Flynn
  School of Language, Literacy & Early Childhood Education  
BECE Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Ms Marlene McCormack
BEDLAN Bachelor of Education - Gaeilge with French/German or Spanish Dr Seán Mc Risteaird
MEDLPP Master of Education in Literacy Professional Practice Dr Eithne Kennedy
MEECE MEd in Early Childhood Education

Ms Fiona Giblin

Dr Geraldine French

  School of Inclusive and Special Education  
EdD (Research) Doctorate in Education Dr Fiona King
MSEN Masters in Special Education Needs Dr Elizabeth Matthews
MSPLD Masters of Education in Specific Learning Difficulties Dr Paula Lehane
MEdA Master of Education in Autism Dr Neil Kenny
GCEAS Graduate Certificate in the Education of Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Dr Laura Gormley
DISE Professional Diploma in Inclusive and Special Education Dr Karen Buckley
GDISE Graduate Diploma in Inclusive, Learning Support and Special Education Ms Leanne Connolly 
  School of Arts Education & Movement   
  School of Policy & Practice  
BEd Bachelor of Education Prof Catherine Furlong
BRE/H/M Bachelor of Religious Education and English/History/Music Dr Audrey Doyle
SE BSc in Science Education Dr Natalie O'Neill
MED/GDAES Master of Education Dr Catherine Furlong
NAVET Foundation Programme: Non-Award Visitor (education and training) Dr Justin Rami
  School of Human Development  
CRS (BEd & PMEP) Certificate in Religious Studies Ms Cora O'Farrell
CRSPT Certificate in Religious Studies (part-time) Dr David Kennedy
MACSPW MA in Chaplaincy Studies and Pastoral Work Dr Tom Grenham
MSGC MSc in Guidance Counselling Ms Aisling Fleming
GDGCO Graduate Diploma in Guidance Counselling and Outreach Ms Aisling Fleming
PME Professional master of Education


Dr Majella McSharry

Dr Irene White 

GDSPHE/RSE Graduate Diploma in Social, Personal & Health Education / Relationships & Sexuality Education Dr Catherine Maunsell