K Vijayaraghavan

Phone number:
01 700
Room Number
S 214

Academic biography

Dr. Rajani K. Vijayaraghavan is an assistant professor in the school of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, and a principal investigator at the National Centre for Plasma Science & Technology (NCPST). She completed her master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Physics from the University of Calicut and Ph.D. in the NCPST and the School of Electronic Engineering, DCU. Her Ph.D. was in the area of materials science with a major focus on developing materials for energy and optoelectronic applications. She has significant expertise in developing a wide range of plasma-based technologies for advanced materials synthesis, processing, functionalization, and nanofabrication areas. She is an expert in copper halide materials and other transition metal halides and oxides for semiconductor, optoelectronic, and energy harvesting applications. She is responsible for numerous innovations including the first report on the development of pulsed plasma-PVD-based technology for large area 2D materials growth, utilization of PVD-graphene for anticoagulation applications, and the fabrication of heterojunction solar cells based on copper halide thin films.

Research Interests:

Multidisciplinary research in the area of advanced functional nanomaterials (synthesis, processing, characterization, surface engineering, mechanistic understanding) and device fabrication, for energy, optoelectronics, sensors, and biomedical applications.     

  • Energy harvesting, 3D printed optoelectronics, sensors, and photodetectors

Research interests

 Advanced functional nanomaterials and thin films for optoelectronic, energy, and bio applications

 Sensors and photodetectors

3D printed optoelectronics

Materials characterization using high-temperature X-ray diffraction & spectroscopic techniques

Plasma processing, nano fabrication and surface engineering