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Dr Theo Lynn appointed Director of Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Research Centre (LInK)

9th November 2009

Dr Theo Lynn, Lecturer in Management at DCU Business School, has been appointed Director of Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Research Centre (LInK) based at DCU.

LInK was established as a university designated research centre (UDRC) in 2001 as the Centre for Research in Management Learning and Development at Dublin City University. In 2006, the name of the Centre was changed to the Learning, Innovation and Knowledge (LInK) Research Centre to capture the wider range of research interests among Centre members.


Dr Theo Lynn, newly appointed Director of LInK

LInK's current research programme is organised around the three key domains of knowledge intensive firms, health services management, and applied learning technologies. In each of these domains, individuals and teams are engaged in a variety of cross-disciplinary and transnational research projects that focus on creating the learning, innovation and knowledge that is the hallmark of LInK's activities.

As a UDRC, LInK's membership base is drawn from a wide variety of disciplines including economics, human resource management, strategy, organisational psychology, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, education, and distance education.

LInK's new Director, Dr Theo Lynn, is Principal Investigator on the Global Grid for Learning project. He is the Programme Director of DCU's MSc in Business Management and MSc in Electronic Commerce (Business). Dr Lynn's research interests include corporate governance and institutional behaviour, educational technology, and the impact of technology on publishing.

Dr Lynn has established and sold a number of IT companies including Enki Information Systems, Educational Multimedia Group and most recently Atomic Assets. He is a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute and the Academy of Management. Dr Lynn advises a number of international publishing companies and he is former Deputy Director of LInK (Technology).