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Faculty of Science & Health

LIYSF | Immersive Summer School

Are you a first year student, studying science or a related subject? Are you interested in learning science while also having a fun-filled experience of summer camps? Then you’re in the right place!

Apply to represent DCU Faculty of Science and Health at the virtual London International Youth Science Forum 2023 (26th July - 9th August).  

This unique, 15 day STEM learning programme, offers you hands-on experience with cutting edge scientific research at state-of-the-art research facilities to ignite your passion for the sciences!

Join us to enjoy a 15 day STEM learning programme with lectures from leading scientists, scientific visits to world class laboratories combined with cultural interaction. Young scientists the world over will learn, exchange views and share knowledge at this exciting and dynamic virtual event.

Applicants may be shortlisted and interviews will be held in April.

    Faculty of Science and Health LIYSF Winners 2022

    Left to right: LIYSF 2022 Winners Selma Hoxha (left) and Gabriel Pascale (right) pictured with Associate Dean for T&L, Dr Niamh O'Sullivan