Financial Wellbeing & Advice

There is a cost of living crisis and money doesn’t go as far as it once did, and we know students face a number of financial pressures. 

This is a huge trigger for stress and anxiety and we don’t want you worrying in semester one about budgeting for your fees in semester two.

For our international students coming to Dublin City University, we know you can easily go over budget and face unexpected costs especially if circumstances change after you arrive in Ireland.

Financial Assistance and Supports

Through our Financial Assistance Service, we have a number of supports and advice, including possible funds, which can be accessed here.

Through this service you can also access, in confidence, the weekly student Food Bank. You can also find out about the Student Assistance Fund, budgeting advice and remission of fees.

If you are getting anxious over money, we can help you to find support and develop money-minding skills. We have two Student Advice and Learning (SAL) centres, on the Glasnevin and St Patrick's campuses, and they have advice and guidance on many areas including money and finances.


We know there is an accommodation crisis and students are a target for scammers. If you need accommodation and are not based on campus, we recommend using Student Pad, which is managed by DCU Students' Union.  

DCU Students Union are also a great support for accommodation and other issues, and if you are not staying on campus


  1. Financial Survival at University Guide (DCU) 

  2. Money Advice & Budgeting Service

  3. Student Grants & Bursaries