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Call for Papers: Panel on Comics Studies, Ethics, and Interreligious Encounters



We are seeking paper proposals for a panel Dr Admirand is chairing at the European Academy of Religion in Bologna, Italy (June 20-23) entitled: "Comics Studies, Ethics, and Interreligious Encounters."

Panel description:

Comics and the burgeoning field of comics studies are suffused with ethical and theological material, and an increasing number of books and articles are examining a range of comics, graphic narratives, and comic strips through various theological and religious studies lenses, including:

1. Interreligious

2. Liberation

3. Postcolonial

4. Feminine-informed

5. Religious ethics

6. Pluralist

This panel invites scholars to examine any comic in any medium (comic strip, monthly series, digital comics, graphic narrative/novel) and to focus on ethical and/or interreligious encounters and engagements within those works. Proposals of 300-500 words due: 1 April 2022.

This panel is open to 4 proposals.

Email/message with your proposal or questions.