New Article on Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers Series


Wayfarers Series

Peter Admirand has a new open-access article recently published, titled: Compassionate, Gentler Sci-Fi: Extraterrestrial, Interspecies’ Dialogue (EID) in Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers Series.” The article is published in Ex-centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media. It is available here.


After a brief overview of Becky Chambers’ the Wayfarers series, I will focus on character-catharses in the four novels that highlight interactions with some ‘other’, demanding reassessment, if not movement towards greater interspecies communion and awareness. While applying the new field of astrotheology, I will first sketch what I call extraterrestrial, interspecies’ dialogue (EID) and touch upon key modes and methods of interreligious dialogue. Ultimately, I will contend why and how these compassionate works of gentler science fiction can be valuable today for interreligious and intercultural encounters, providing examples to both emulate and mirror. Linked to this journal issue’s special theme is also how and why such interfaith and intercultural encounters are relevant to mobility studies. In short, they expand and enhance both inner and outer growth, providing impetus for building bridges across societal and religious divides.