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This course helped me improve my software engineering skills and focused on teaching students essential security and software development skills. It exceeded my expectations by offering a comprehensive learning experience that tested coding knowledge, improved logical reasoning, and emphasised debugging and critical development qualities. It helped broaden my understanding of diverse development topics and provided practical skills applicable in real-world scenarios.

Engaging with professors enriched my learning journey, deepening insights into complex concepts. Intellectual assignments fostered teamwork skills, enhancing problem-solving abilities and exposure to diverse perspectives. Topics like cryptography, secure coding in C, and network security, both practically and theoretically, fascinated me. Professionally, I now implement secure coding practices in Java, bolstering software security and client trust. Beyond technical skills, the course heightened my online security awareness, making me vigilant in online activities, payments, and privacy protection.

To prospective students, I recommend grasping code flow and potential vulnerabilities in any language, as debugging plays a pivotal role in software development. This course enhances your understanding of robust coding, vulnerability impact, problem-solving, and collaboration with esteemed professors from DCU.

Ankit currently works as a Software Engineer II with Mastercard

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