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I chose this course for a couple of reasons. When I finished my leaving cert, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. As a result I ended up limiting myself through my choices on the CAO. So I ended up doing a PLC course in Science. It was a great experience but it made it clear to me that Science wasn’t the road I wanted to go down. When it came to filling in the CAO for the second time I decided to focus on what I liked. My favourite subjects and also the ones that came the most easily to me were Business and Irish.  I researched courses I could do that incorporated these subjects. Although you can do business and Irish as part of Arts degrees in almost every university, Gnó agus Gaeilge stood out to me.  I liked that it was delivered completely through the medium of Irish. I liked that it was a small course in terms of intake, as this really means you get optimum one to one attention. I also liked that the business portion of the course focuses on the human skills element of business rather than finance based modules like accounting, which suited me better - maths are not my strong suit! 

Some highlights of my undergrad at DCU included a trip to Árainn Mhór for a weekend to take part in a hackathon, being voted as my course’s class rep and last but not least, meeting a group of great like-minded people. At the moment I’m doing an internship in PwC Ireland as part of the INTRA module. I’m enjoying it immensely and learning an incredible amount which I am sure will stand to me in my future career. My advice for incoming students is to get involved, ask questions when you can (even by emailing your lecturers - most of them will love the interaction!), put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and finally, check your college emails!