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DCU has been an absolutely fantastic aid to my learning. The course can be very challenging at times, no doubt about it. It can involve abstract thinking and concepts that are often brand new. But the Maths Learning Centre in the library in tandem with the willingness of lecturers to explain things makes learning a lot less tedious and the content a lot less ambiguous. 

The course is rewarding and indeed opens endless doors. The best part of my experience at DCU was the scholarship I received to go to the SWUFE in Chengdu, China. It was really unforgettable and would have never happened if it weren’t for DCU. I got to do a two-week course in Finance and Economics, while making friends from all over the world and experiencing the most positive version of a culture shock. 

Flexibility for the future
I have secured a job in Data Science. That’s what’s fantastic about the nature of the course – it doesn’t tie you to any one job after you graduate but puts you in a good position for any job involving mathematics, big data and/or problem solving. 

If I could tell myself anything at the beginning of college, it would be to get involved in everything you can as much as possible. Join as many societies as you can. Get out of your comfort zone and sign up to things you never would have before! I knew little to nothing about investing upon joining DCU in the first year and by final year I became chair of the Investing Society!

Ava McKee - Class of 2021

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