Benjamin Olojo

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When I was choosing between universities, computer science at DCU stood out to me due to its focus on practical learning and six-month INTRA work placement. I knew that would help me gain insight into the professional industry.

The course has exceeded my expectations as I’ve been able to learn about valuable tools and technologies that have been useful to me that are often overlooked in other courses. In particular, the development tools I’ve been introduced to have been of great use to me when working on collaborative projects and within my internship.

The part I enjoy the most is collaborating on interesting projects with classmates, making new friends and learning from each other in the process.

Applying AI and data learning in the real world

I’ve chosen to focus my studies on artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Along with my work placement, I’m interning in Optum Ireland’s Technology Development Programme, working on AI and data analytics-based software solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical problems.

I’d recommend this course if you’re interested in problem solving and technology in general. I’d also suggest you try an introductory course to coding to see if you’d be interested in focusing on it at university.

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