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I always loved maths and problem solving but I also enjoyed learning about finance. I came from a maths and physics background and I wanted to pursue a programme that would allow me to break into the FinTech industry. The MSc gave me a strong foundation of financial knowledge and a quantitative skill set that allows me to tackle real world problems on a daily basis.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting an insight into the vast range of employment opportunities that the MSc provides to its graduates. The high standard of teaching and guidance provided by the lecturers is world class and the modules really prepare graduates for a career in finance and technology.

The Summer Project was definitely a daunting obstacle to begin with. My supervisor, John Appleby, was encouraging, approachable and most importantly, could explain complicated concepts in very simple terms. This definitely helped me overcome the fear of my Summer Project.

I always found maths difficult to get my head around, especially when I was in secondary school. I remember failing my first ever maths assignment in my undergraduate degree and I had very little confidence in my maths ability. By working hard and constantly asking questions about how concepts work, I was able to get a clearer idea on how to do maths over my college years. The hard work paid off in the end when I graduated from the MSc with a First Class Honours. If you work hard enough at something you’re passionate about, it will pay off. It’s just a matter of time!!

The key to understanding maths is knowing where formulas come from. If you understand how a formula or equation is derived, it adds an extra layer of knowledge that helps you to understand other concepts a lot easier. I found this approach very effective when taking new maths modules. My tip for anyone studying maths is “if you see a formula, learn how it is derived”.

I am currently working in First Derivative so my plan is to get as much exposure to FinTech as possible.

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