Conor Darcy

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I really enjoyed my first year studying physics in DCU. I learned about things like the laws of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and even bits of biology, chemistry, and programming! I am now often asking myself, “Why does that thing work the way it does?”, and I have this course to thank.

During this course, we got to conduct and report on our own lab experiment. We were able to learn how proper research is conducted. It really makes you feel like a true scientist – discovering how something works, how to figure out how to conduct the experiment and how to overcome any problems one might encounter.

Friendly, expert academic staff

The lecturers throughout my course have been some of the nicest people I’ve met. They’ll have a laugh with you and are more than happy to adjust any deadlines that may have been set so you don’t end up feeling drained at the end of it all! They have also been more than helpful when it comes to making sure a student understands a concept or a calculation. The lecturers in physics are just elite!

We have had multiple different ways of engaging and learning, for example lectures, tutorials, quizzes, group work etc. Although sometimes the workload can be heavy, that’s expected for a course as difficult as physics. For me, the best way of learning is probably group work, graded assignments, and lectures.

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