Dammy William Sanusi

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Finding solutions to the most pressing health care challenges inspired me to study Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This course aims to give students a gateway into drug design and research, and learn how chemistry can be applied in the medical world. 

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in science. I’m interested in how the drugs we take every day are made and what’s going on inside our bodies every time we take a pill or a drug.

Gateway to a range of careers

To those who have a passion for chemistry and drug development research, I would definitely recommend this course. It is not only taught by highly experienced research leads, but can also open up a wide range of job opportunities. Graduates can work as a research scientist or pursue being a chemist or a pharmacist. 

Once I finish this course, I intend to enter the workforce, working as a QC Analyst, while also pursuing a master’s degree in Pharmacology. Once I’ve done that. I hope to work as a research scientist in a pharmaceutical company. 

The Faculty of Science and Health is a place where you meet a variety of people who share the passion of studying the sciences and using this knowledge to make a better world. The best part of attending DCU is getting to be a part of the process that ameliorates different aspects of healthcare and meeting amazing people in your field.  

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