Danail Pavlov Tsanov

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I chose this course because during the common first year of engineering, the subjects linked to it interested me the most.

Studying on this course has enabled me to develop in many areas, especially working as a team, as almost every module has at least one assignment that involves cooperating with others as a group.

Making real world use of the theory

The different experiments and assignments that involved designing and building things in the engineering labs are what I’ve enjoyed most. I can implement the theory from lectures, come up with my own concepts and have some fun.

I am currently on INTRA (work placement) in a biomedical company. That gives me a huge insight into what awaits after graduation. This is a major advantage and provides me with very valuable experience. I've found myself doing different tasks in labs, documentation, and working with machines.

If you’re considering applying for the course, I’d say, “Go for it!”. If you’re unsure about the field you want to pursue, you can change to another engineering specialism at the end of the first year.

Class of 2023

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