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The common entry to Actuarial and Financial Maths course at DCU proved worthwhile and memorable. The course is challenging and thought-provoking, which makes it appealing to students who have an interest in mathematics and want to challenge themselves, while they gain insight into how maths plays a crucial role in financial systems. 

The course provides a broad and interesting range in modules focusing on areas of mathematics and finance that can be applied in real-world settings. Many modules have elements of programming languages such as R that can be used for modelling purposes and statistical analysis, which I always found exciting and beneficial.

Equipping you for an exciting career

I chose this course based on my huge passion for mathematics in school and for my interest in finance. This course can enable a student to pursue a career in finance, where Ireland offers many opportunities. One of the main reasons I chose this course was the INTRA work experience programme. This offers an eight-month internship during third year, which gave me crucial experience in the financial sector and showed me where I might want to start my career once I finish my studies! 

The quality of teaching in DCU is exceptional, with teaching staff always happy to help with questions around study or assignments while providing insightful knowledge. DCU also provides the Maths Learning Centre, which is a free library service available to all students. All the staff here are brilliant in helping with any work you have. 

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