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“I genuinely love DCU, I had the best experience and I would recommend it to everyone,” said Emma Murphy as she prepared for her graduation with a BA in International Relations.

Emma, from Dublin, got to experience DCU while in secondary school. She explained, “In 6th year I had availed of free Irish classes offered in DCU. I liked the university overall, it was not too far from the city centre and was friendly. It was not too big and not too small.”

Emma knew she wanted to study International Relations and said, “DCU was the only one with this particular course on offer and it was not attached to any other course. I had also gone to the DCU open day and had a natural inclination towards the BA in International Relations.”

She said it was a comprehensive and rewarding course and she learnt many different things.“It is also a very accessible course because there are so many resources available. Whether it is the lecturers or the library or online resources, there are many ways to get involved and if you have a passion for it, you can excel.”

The pandemic resulted in some of the course being delivered fully online. Emma kept up her routine and her tutorials and made the best of the online learning. “So much was available including so many books from the library. A lot of the lecturers offered Zoom meetings if you wanted to clarify things and there was constant support.”

As soon as she completed her final year, Emma secured a job with the Department of Foreign Affairs and said, “I don’t think I would have got the position if I had not done well in DCU. It made a difference.”

Currently studying for a Masters and with strong interest in Anglo Irish Relations, she said, “I want to specialise in a particular area and am currently studying at Queen's University in Belfast. I think that being immediately accepted onto the Masters’ was due to DCU’s reputation.”

Reflecting on what she thinks gives DCU the edge over other colleges, she said, “I found it a big university but it is also like a community. There is no sense of judgement from others. On a social level the people are friendly and down to earth. It is a very good choice.” 

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