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I’ve always been interested in the wonders of science and technology. Technology is continuously upgrading and I decided to study Computer Science so I could contribute and be part of that evolution.

The lessons DCU taught me are invaluable in my career as a software engineer. Specifically, the weekly pair programming lab works, intensive group projects, and the six-month INTRA placement have prepared me tremendously for the world of work.

 From work placement to full-time job

I did my INTRA as a software engineer intern at Shutterstock. Working with brilliant senior software engineers, contributing to the team and to the company, and seeing my work in production was amazing. It also helped boost my confidence and my programming skills.

I am currently working full-time at Shutterstock so it was a smooth transition for me. I love collaborating with fellow software engineers to give our customers an outstanding product.

A career for creative problem solvers

Problem-solving skills are a must in this world. You have to think outside the box and consider the countless possibilities that could arise in any situation. If you’re consistent and focused, you’ll master the art of coding before you know it.

Studying computer science gave me this wonderful opportunity to appreciate the works behind every software we use and to transform my creative ideas into code.

Software Engineer at Shutterstock

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