Kwok Chuen (Ryan) Wong

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From a young age in Hong Kong, I loved mathematics and found satisfaction when I solved problems or finished mathematical exercises. I won prizes in Maths Olympiad competitions at national level in junior and secondary school. Then I knew I was gifted in Maths. 

My research now explores portfolio selection or how we allocate and invest our wealth. There are assets whose future returns are not certain, which is called financial risk - but you can use a mathematical model to quantify the risk and manage it.

We use mathematical modelling to convert real problems in finance into mathematical problems so we can use mathematical techniques to find solutions, then interpret the mathematical solutions into a realistic action.

Love what you do
It is my dream come true that I am now helping others with my maths knowledge through my research and teaching. I have a teaching duty here to pass my mathematical knowledge to the next generation. It is delightful to find my students appreciating my teaching.

If you’d like to excel in my course, you have to be passionate about mathematics. We need to use mathematics to explain the financial and actuarial theories, so students have a complete understanding about how theories work. If you like what you are learning and working on, you will succeed.

I always tell my students they should pick the career they like. Life is too short to work on something you don’t like, especially if you can choose.

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