Labhaoise McDermott

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The “excellent connections and relationships DCU has with the big accounting firms” was one of the key reasons behind Labhaoise McDermott making DCU her first choice for third level.

She began her degree in Accounting and Finance in 2018 feeling it would provide, “a very rounded and focussed introduction to accounting and would build a solid platform to develop my career in accounting.”

Labhaoise also wanted to look at doing a Master’s in accounting and as her undergraduate course was three years duration, she knew she could get it and her Master’s completed within four years.

“Discovering the excellent connections and relationships DCU has with the big accounting firms was an important factor for me because one day I hoped to work for one of them.”

Another factor for her were the CAP 1 exemptions from the Chartered Accountants exams that come with successfully completing her Bachelors with DCU. 

“The final factor in my decision to go to DCU was the open day. It piqued my interest in DCU because every single person I met that day was so friendly, informative and approachable. The sense of unity could be felt throughout the entire campus.” 

“I started the Master’s in accounting in September 2021. There were a few places I could have done a master’s in accounting, but I didn’t give a second thought about doing it in DCU.”

Having been online for nearly half of her undergraduate degree, she was delighted her Master’s was completely in person. 

“The Master’s in accounting gave me exemptions from the CAP 2 charted accountant exams and the part 1 tax exams. This is extremely beneficial as it means I will have less exams to sit while working full-time. I completed my masters in June 2022 and started working with KPMG in October 2022.”

From the open day, she was very impressed with the strong connections and relationships DCU had with some of the better known accounting firms. She explained that, “the ongoing touch points with the industry leaders throughout my time in DCU in-turn provided me with a great sense of purpose, connecting the academic learning with the external leaders in the industry. This gave me an appreciation that I was on the right path and provided a great sense of motivation to progress my capability in the field of accounting.”

Labhaoise made a number of academic achievements during her time in DCU including awards from major accounting firms.  

“During the second year of my undergraduate degree, I was invited to a celebratory lunch with KPMG to acknowledge my grades in first year. During this lunch I was offered a summer internship with KPMG and of course I jumped at the opportunity. PwC awarded me the Martian Hannon memorial award along with a cash prize. DCU also awarded me an academic award for the points I achieved in my Leaving Certificate.”

After the internship she was offered a graduate position with KPMG which also brought the opportunity to do a sponsored Master’s. “I was thrilled with this. I placed first in my Master’s in Accounting in DCU. I also placed first in my accounting and finance degree (DCU).”

Throughout the pandemic, she said DCU showed great leadership and compassion towards the students. “DCU was always ahead of the other colleges to decide when online would continue, when students had to vacate accommodation, how refunds would be managed and was always prompt in communicating this with their students. I am really proud to be a part of a college where the values systems are so strong and connected with the well-being of its students.”

Looking to the future she is confident that, “the foundations DCU have laid will help me excel in my professional exams and career. DCU not only helped me develop my technical skills but also various soft skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership and so forth.  I am very proud to be a part of the DCU Alumina. I will be proud to wear the DCU badge and I am very grateful to all the staff of DCU for providing me the strong platform to begin my journey in the external environment.”

During her time in DCU, Labhaoise also took part in a number of extra-curricular activities including completing the RIAM Teaching Diploma in Speech and Drama. She achieved Grade 8 in the violin and oboe and is at diploma level on the recorder. She was also part of the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) symphony and symphonic wind orchestras.

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