Lucy Hayden

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After raising four children while working and spending time as a family carer for a parent with cancer, I decided to find a more meaningful career so I started the MSc in Psychology (Conversion) at DCU in September 2018, the same day as my son started the Bachelor of Business Studies in DCU. 

I found the initial weeks very challenging as I struggled to integrate into college life, meet new people and keep up with the assignments. But I loved the subject area and I was incredibly surprised when I realised how well I was doing after a while.

I can confidently say the programme exceeded all my expectations. The coursework was rigorous and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. The faculty members were all experts in their respective specialist areas and their passion was contagious and inspirational. 

One of the things I appreciated most was the emphasis on hands-on learning. This allowed us to apply the theories and concepts we studied in class to real-world situations, which was invaluable. 

Additionally, the programme gave us ample opportunities for networking and professional development. The faculty and staff were always willing to offer guidance and support, and there were many events and workshops throughout the year that helped us develop the skills we needed to succeed in our careers. It was truly a life-changing experience and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

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