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Hi, I’m Marcos Dias and I’m Chair of the BSc in Multimedia which was the first course of its type in Ireland. I’m also an Assistant Professor with the School of Communications here at DCU and as many of you will know, DCU is ranked no.1 for Communications in Ireland so we’re very proud of that! I’m originally from Brazil where I studied architecture and city planning. I also have degrees in Digital Media Design (ATU Donegal), Interactive Digital Media (Trinity College) and I did my PhD in media studies at the University of Melbourne. I worked as an architect (Sao Paulo) and web designer (London) and from these experiences I developed a keen interest in the impact of digital technologies on contemporary urban life. With so much technology around us and used by us in our everyday lives, it's fascinating to look at aspects like the impact of digital media and artificial intelligence on urban life, which is one of my research interests. So if you choose the BSc in Multimedia, I’ll be teaching modules such as Information Design, Media Spaces and Emerging Media. I look forward to meeting you! 

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