Matthew Joyce

Tell us why you chose this undergraduate degree

I have always had a huge love for politics, current affairs and world events, and have always had a dream to do a form of broadcast journalism as a career, be it on television or radio. In secondary school when I had to interview a local TD in front of my class as part of a CSPE Action Project, I immediately found my love for journalism and realised I might actually be good at this!

I specifically chose the Journalism course as I felt it would be better to get direct information and training, from those with experience, about how to do the job, as you simply cannot learn it on the job. And in this course that is exactly what has happened.


What are the highlights of your undergraduate experience at DCU?

DCU really is a great place for media and communications students as there are so many extra-curricular activities to help you build friendships but, most importantly to me, getting experience. Two main areas I have been involved in have been The College View and the Media Production Society.

The College View, as DCU's award-winning student newspaper, has been an amazing outlet to help build my news writing skills, and I have absolutely loved being part of it. One big highlight would be my first ever proper interview, where I talked to the then-ISSU Education Officer Alicia O'Sullivan about the 2021 Leaving Cert. And from there I have gained even more experience with The College View, and as a result at the start of second year was made a Deputy News Editor, and now as I prepare to start my final year, I have been made Editor-in-Chief (the top position)!

As a member of the Media Production Society (MPS), I have done so much and gained so much experience which I will cherish and remember forever. In second year I was given a one-hour slot in the DCUfm schedule, where I built my show "Who In The World Is _", where I interview people one-on-one about their life and about their time in DCU. It really helped me build my interviewing skills, especially on a fluid platform such as radio.

However one highlight I will always remember is hosting DCeUrovision during the 24 Hour Broadcast, which was in aid of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. With this huge opportunity, I was able to completely plan everything, and make the most of my love and broad knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest. I truly made the show my own, planning it entirely from who would compete, how people could vote, and how the results would be delivered. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

What are your career plans or hopes? 

This may seem very tacky and seem like a dream of a 12-year-old child (mainly because it was then and it is now), but I have always had a dream of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. That, of course, is probably a world away, considering Ireland's recent track record in the Contest.

However, more broadly, I would love to get into broadcast journalism, hosting a talk show, or presenting the news. These hopes, of course, are not all set in stone. However this course and my experience in The College View and MPS have actually shown how I'd also love to get into other things such as media law and show planning.

Have you any advice for incoming students? 

There is honestly so much I could say to try to encourage you for when you come to DCU, but the one thing I would primarily say is to get stuck in with societies and extra-curricular activities. You'll never regret it. If you choose to go into Journalism (which I definitely hope you do), then absolutely join The College View and MPS. If you're unsure of what kind of Journalism you'd like to get into, then try them all and you'll ultimately find your talent. If you join The College View, then always put yourself forward for anything, there will always be opportunities so always put your best foot forward!

In terms of the actual course itself, never be afraid to ask questions, to seek more information, because that is why you are in DCU - this is your opportunity to get the most information possible to build yourself as a journalist, or regardless of whatever course you choose to go into.

For the next year, at least, I'll be around as Editor-in-Chief of The College View, and a committee member of MPS, so I'll always be able to help out! You'll probably spot me with my very recognisable face and my totally unorganised hairstyle! Best of luck!

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