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I decided to pursue a master's degree in computing at DCU with a focus on secure software engineering as I was hoping to bring my passion and past experiences together. I worked as a backend developer in India, where I saw first-hand the security risks associated with developing cutting-edge software. It was not only a professional decision but also a personal promise to address the difficulties I saw in the field of secure software development that led me to seek out a course that could mentor me in this area.

My expectations were met by the first semester, particularly through modules such as secure programming. These modules offered insights into finding flaws and rewriting code, especially in languages like C. Lab participants were positively impacted by Dr. Darragh O'Brien's dynamic style of instruction which made difficult concepts surprisingly approachable.

Being a student has been more than just academic; it's about taking pleasure in the process of learning. The labs and lectures helped make difficult subjects understandable, which had a significant effect on my confidence and comprehension. Even though I'm looking forward to the second semester, this course has already changed the way I view careers. Gaining a skill set that directly addresses the urgent issues of software security, a crucial asset in today's tech landscape, is just as important as gaining knowledge.

My advice to anyone thinking about taking this course is to just enjoy the ride. Take part in the labs, immerse yourself in the modules, and follow your passion for secure software engineering. Exams are only one aspect of it; another is laying the groundwork for a safe and fulfilling career in software development.

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