Mehwish Saqib

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Mehwish Saqib availed of the opportunity to get her degree through DCU’s University of Sanctuary scholarship and, as part of its very first intake in 2017, she is one of the first to graduate under it. It allows refugees and asylum seekers to complete third level education.

“It is my passion to educate and pursue the teaching and childcare sector as a profession. Where I live in Direct Provision, the massive problem is the internet. It takes so long to download files and for all of the classes I had to log in and then log in again. It was hard but I managed. The tutors were very supportive. They gave extra time if I needed an extension and if I didn’t understand something I would email them and they would answer.”

“I want to be an educator practitioner in early childhood education. At the moment I do not have the right to work, I am just sitting at home.”

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