Nathaniel Corbett

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I worked closely with nursing staff when I was a healthcare assistant and I came to realise nursing was a career I was very interested in. So I began the search for a college that would suit my needs. A friend recommended DCU as a brilliant nursing college and, after doing some research, I enrolled as a mature student. 

The first day was nerve-wracking. I felt I’d be the oldest person in lectures, but how wrong I was! The diversity throughout DCU was exciting and I fit right in. I am now a third year nursing student and looking back on my overall experience, I’d say it has been life changing. I have made new friends and enjoyed the social part of college life. DCU has many clubs and social events to suit everyone. 

Invaluable support for students

While I have exceeded my own expectations academically, the knowledge I have gained is invaluable. I have received guidance and support from my lecturers on assignments, projects, and presentations. The lecturers take the time to help at a pace that suits you. 

There are also many other supports such as the library and writing centre, and health and wellbeing resources. These are a massive support during exam/assignment due dates. My time here has been great and I can see my goal in sight. All I can say is come see for yourself that DCU is a friendly and supportive college.

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