Olivia Mcloughlin

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After starting at DCU through the Common Entry into Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (CAFM) because I wasn’t entirely sure which area of maths I wanted to study for my degree, I chose to study actuarial maths. I picked it as I have always loved maths and I wanted a career where I could solve problems every day. CAFM certainly lived up to my expectations, proving both stimulating and challenging.

Excellent learning support

The first two years in CAFM gave me a brilliant insight into both career prospects, and I was totally sure of my choice once I reached third year. Most lecturers in the DCU School of Mathematics are top class. I found that many of my lecturers were willing to go above and beyond to ensure I understood their material. 

DCU also has an amazing resource in the Maths Learning Centre, where many of my course peers regularly meet up to discuss problems or to seek help with our coursework.

The content of the course in first and second year is fairly varied, with subjects including computer programming and economics, as well as pure mathematical modules. I found this variation really helped me to settle into the course, while also making it interesting and enjoyable. These subjects are very applicable to work outside of college. On my INTRA work placement, I found myself using a lot of what I learned in my first two years of college, for example, my Python coding and statistical knowledge.

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