Reihaneh Aghamolaei

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What I like most about teaching at DCU is the constant possibility of interacting with interested and smart students. This interaction broadens my students’ knowledge, expertise and experience while expanding my perspective too. 

Students inspire me and I love seeing how they get interested in engineering topics, how their academic performance improves and how this all helps them to develop their career path.

Working towards a rewarding career

I’d highly recommend a career in mechanical engineering to anyone who likes problem-solving, teamwork and critical thinking. 

You’ll be involved in the design, model, test, and manufacture of mechanical devices and systems from the smallest components to more complicated and advanced systems. You’ll use technology in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical to make the world a better, safer and more sustainable place to live.

How DCU sets students up for success

DCU has the best engineering facilities in Ireland, helping students to be prepared to work as a professional in different countries. This is crucial for Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, as designing, testing and manufacturing in workshops and labs are the heart of this course. 

This work will help you better understand the performance of complicated systems and learn how to solve real-world issues. And ultimately, this course offers you a path to great job

Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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