Rory Keenan

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I chose Accounting and Finance at DCU because I wanted to go into the world of business and knew the importance of accounting in everyday business, regardless of where you work.

Lecturers teach for all levels, so having accountancy from your leaving cert or previous study is not a requirement. The course teaches you everything you need to know about the accounting standards, lays a strong foundation to build your knowledge in the world of finance.

Whilst at DCU I was chair of the DCU Soccer Soc and ran my own society called the Student Business Consultants (SBC). I've met so many amazing people and have become very close friends with lots from my course. Finding the balance between my academics, extra-circular, and social life was tough at first, but managing my time is a new skill I'm very glad to have and it has made me appreciate every aspect of DCU life. DCU is so much more than just your college.”

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